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July 01, 2009


After the House of the Very Island show, as we were in the Japanese quarter, Diane invited me out for a nice Japanese lunch, and it is still hot in Paris , so a nice cold Kirin with it was in order, then on a recommendation form one of Diane's Japanese friends we made a quick  visit to the showroom of Kolor in the Sheraton Hotel, and I was immediately drawn to this colour_SYD9480 They did nothave a model in house , so the designer agreed to model for us for 4 minutes, this colour is so me !_SYD9488 Nice light trench coat_SYD9493 Ok, that'sit for me and Paris this week. Tongiht I drive back to Antwerp.
Update, the drive ended up taking 7 hours, after an accident on the ring around Paris, right near the exit to get onto the highway to the airport. Took me a while to get onthe right track, and then spent about ,what felt like 2 hours, driving through all these little villages, and kept on being coerced to go west to the coast, every road I took, but I was determinded to keep the sun on my left and headnorth, what a mission

House of the Very Island

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Romain Kremer

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Diane & I had a few hours to kill before the Romain show, so Diane invited me to come along to a presentation of the launch of the Wunderkind menswear range.
GladI did , as it was in this amazing house on Rue Bac, at first they were very concerned about me taking pictures, which I can understand if they have a press pack with better pics than what I would take, but thye had no alternative, and when I showed them this firstpic, they reluctantly let me take some more photos ( when I say they, it was just this one guy who clearly has issues to deal with )_SYD9240 but for now let's concentrate  on these great clothes master Joop has put together_SYD9242 _SYD9243 _SYD9245 _SYD9247 _SYD9249 _SYD9254 _SYD9257 _SYD9259 _SYD9262

Paul Smith

_SYD8954 _SYD8967
It was so hot backstage, that prior to the show starting , all the models were walking around topless. I was waiting for them to get dressed , so I could take some pictures, but then again, after 10 min I said to myself what's wrong with a bit of flesh_SYD8971 _SYD8975 _SYD8978 _SYD8981
oh oooh, someone dribbled pee on their shoe, who was it_SYD8986 _SYD8992 _SYD8999 _SYD9003 _SYD9010 _SYD9020 _SYD9022 _SYD9049 _SYD9051 _SYD9062 _SYD9065 _SYD9085 _SYD9092 _SYD9096 _SYD9099 _SYD9111 _SYD9114 _SYD9125 _SYD9129 _SYD9141 _SYD9149 _SYD9153 _SYD9159 _SYD9177 _SYD9183 _SYD9190 _SYD9193 _SYD9198 _SYD9202 _SYD9218


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The ever so wonderfull & helpfull Reuben

Lanvin Boys

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this is what happens when you have late nights form all the fittings, then early morning call times, you get in front of the mirror still a bit bleary eyed, and you cut yourself shaving, ouch

Bernhard Willhelm

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Tillman Lauterbach

Woauw, someone did not get the memo, M E N S fashion week, was a surprise to see girls backstage, and then not even in menswear, like I said, read the memo :-)_SYD9538 _SYD9543 _SYD9547 _SYD9548 _SYD9557 _SYD9559 _SYD9561 _SYD9566 _SYD9569 _SYD9572 _SYD9578

Petar Petrov

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