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July 01, 2009

Dunhill by Kim Jones

backstage love :-)_SYD0168
Models doing each other's hair_SYD0172 _SYD0174
nice tailoring_SYD0189 _SYD0200 _SYD0206 _SYD0214
those cool stone glasses_SYD0221
Frames made with Flint_SYD0224 _SYD0229 _SYD0253 _SYD0263 Sean Finlay, is dat u ?_SYD0269 _SYD0276 _SYD0280 _SYD0312 _SYD0321 _SYD0326 _SYD0335 _SYD0352 _SYD0359
make up extraordinaire Peter Phillips_SYD0361 _SYD0384 _SYD0388 good work Kim, I'm not one for wearing suits, but see-ing this collection, it makes me think once in a while I should make the effort and look sharp in one of your outfits <3, but still have the air of casual in it as well. I guess that's what appealed to me , the fact that it is still casual. ( sharp casual ? Tailored Casual ?)

Damir Doma

Was hot as hell backstage here, all the models were dressed and ready to go , and then had to wait for about 20 minutes in this heat, but they kept their cool. Oh,and Damir,next time, how about some more water for your models backstage. They were all dying from thirst back there and there was nothing for them, tsk tsk tsk_SYD0017 _SYD0020 _SYD0021 _SYD0030 _SYD0033 _SYD0036 _SYD0052
love this jacket_SYD0061 _SYD0065 _SYD0085 _SYD0087 _SYD0089 _SYD0091 _SYD0094 _SYD0115 _SYD0121 _SYD0146 now , get myself a big glass of water

Damir's Boys

_SYD9963 _SYD9965 _SYD9995 _SYD0003 _SYD0006 _SYD0014

June 30, 2009

Ann Demeulemeester

_SYD9776 _SYD9790 _SYD9810 _SYD9814 _SYD9824_SYD9831 _SYD9842 _SYD9851 _SYD9856 _SYD9871 _SYD9880_SYD9890 _SYD9905_SYD9918 _SYD9923 _SYD9935

Ann's boys

Looking forward to Ann Demeulemeester's collection_SYD9758 _SYD9762 _SYD9766 _SYD9772 _SYD9798 _SYD9799 And then we have Pierre Debusschere, check out his videos

Back at the Apartment at Rue St Martin

After another long day of shows, then a late night of downloading and uploading photos, and little sleep ( yes BB, maybe you did not know this, but you snore when you are really tired ) I get the chance to talk to the girls back in Avalon, thank gawd for SkypeIMG_2136 Still in their winter school uniformIMG_2155 Bryan looking good , despite a very late night :-)


I tag along with Diane, to check out a Japanese label she's fond of_SYD8887 _SYD8892 woauw, what a face pull, like one of those typical french waiters look, when you ask for something that's not quite on the menu_SYD8896 But I'm glad I came along , as I'm in love with this shirt

Walter Van Beirendonck

now here's a change of ..erm..scenery_SYD8588
I was asking this , model, if they had any changes , or if it was just the one outfit, one outfit and a parade in Walter's undies came the reply, do you want to see them he asks, sure, why not_SYD8594
don't mind these actually ( the shoes, not the undies )_SYD8597 Fu@k this guy's like a giant_SYD8606 Nice ass pockets_SYD8621 hehehehe_SYD8626
the pictures of these guys/models_SYD8648 makes me think of a comment my dad just posted in one of my earlier posts, about the time when male models where men/manly and the current skinny feminine look. "when man looked like man"Well Dad, are these guys manly enough. Sorry just had to laugh :-)_SYD8637

A very happy Walter
_SYD8668 _SYD8681 _SYD8693 _SYD8698 _SYD8719 _SYD8724 _SYD8727 _SYD8729 _SYD8734 _SYD8736 _SYD8739 _SYD8744

Thierry Mugler

_SYD8391 _SYD8392 _SYD8393
The location for the show is on the 9th floor of the Insitute Du Monde Arab, and it has a terras next to the room where the show will take place, so I quickly duck out to check out the view_SYD8396 Great view, plus there is an Arab themes restaurant here as well, and a quick look at the menu tells me I should pop up here one evening_SYD8400 _SYD8404 _SYD8412 _SYD8415 _SYD8423 _SYD8424 _SYD8429 _SYD8431 _SYD8434 _SYD8437 M.J. 's in the house_SYD8449 oh yeah, even the whities have got the M.J.bug :-)

This one's for you Sonny Groo

Bryan and Jean Paul, wercking it !!! ok , this one's a bit dark, let me change the flash settingIMG_2157 Bryan does an Iek and Jena Paul , does a NaomiIMG_2159 IMG_2164 Diane, Bryan, Charles (NKOTB) & Jean PaulIMG_2166 now there's a Kodak moment, one for the fridge, if only Diane had some ASVOF fridge magnets :-)IMG_2169 Now it's Diane's turn to take some shotsIMG_2172 Don't you just wish you were here Sonny ?IMG_2175 After this little impromptu photo session we head to the Palais De Tokyo , where we are about 40 min too early for the Damir Doma show, so what better thing to do than to take some more photosIMG_2176 IMG_2177 IMG_2178 IMG_2181