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February 03, 2013

Stockholm > Brussels ( Via Helsinki )

Sonnyphotos1one big gray soup in Stockholm today, and all the snow had melted away in the city Sonnyphotos2so all grey except for the rainbow around the shadow of the plane Sonnyphotos3grey in Helsinki as well, but snow has not melted Sonnyphotos19bit upset with the Finns, as this is not the first time this has happend, and I noticed some of the older ladies did not exaclty have the right shoes on, opting more for comfort while travelling and ending up instead with wet feet. I mean come on for F#@ks sake, how hard is to keep the runway clear, easy, tick , done, well, if you are not going to dock the plane at the gate, how about clearing the area where people get of the plane, who ever is in charge of this, meet me over here, love to rub your friggin feet with your socks on in this and then make you work like that for the rest of the day with soggy feet. Would you let your mum/girlfriend walk in that slush, no, you wouldn't , so how about paying customers ( frankly am surprised businees travellers have not put up a big stink on this )
anyway Sonnyphotos4
was not in Helsinki long 45 min later and we're off again ( same plane, so I had to walk through the slush again grrr ) Sonnyphotos5beautiful colours Sonnyphotos6

still snow down there in southern sweden Sonnyphotos8



The island Juist and Borkum in the north of Holland, just north of Groningen Sonnyphotos12Amsterdam Sonnyphotos13Rotterdam Sonnyphotos14Antwerp Sonnyphotos15Antwerp again zoomed out Sonnyphotos16descending down to Brussels Sonnyphotos17


January 28, 2013

Exhibition Opening Tonight At Berns Hotel Stockholm

To be held in the grand room at Berns Hotel SWE_9932sonnyBrought to you by Bon and Peroni SWE_9937sonny

SWE_9940sonnyThe photos in between the chandeliers SWE_9937sonny

SWE_9951sonnyAbove the bar SWE_9954sonnyreflections of the room SWE_9960sonny



The pictures are over a meter tall, but look so small in this grandiose room :-)


Berns Hotel Stockholm, home for this week :-)

SWE_9916sonnyHappy with my room at Stockholm's Berns Hotel, reflection in mirror shows my little lounge area SWE_9919sonnyTV on the other side, so can watch tv while I'm in bed SWE_9921sonnyor I can spin it around and watch tv from the couch SWE_9924sonnywhich means I will be watching myself while sleeping :-) SWE_9922sonnybut this is where I will spend most of my time in the room, posting the pictures from backstage

January 27, 2013

Romme Alpin Day Trip - Såler

SWE_9869sonnyphotosSo after pisting down Romme Alpin I stop of at one of the towns on the side of the road, and this is Såler about 20min form Romme SWE_9871sonnyphotoscouldn't be more different than Avalon :-) SWE_9873sonnyphotosI thas a lovely charm to it I find SWE_9874sonnyphotosAnd what is it with that brown colour, you see it everywhere, any swedes, feel free to fill me in here, why all the same colour ? SWE_9876sonnyphotosthe garages SWE_9877sonnyphotosat the end of the road SWE_9878sonnyphotosCute, I can just imagine it in summer, green gras and probably 2 apple trees with bright red apples SWE_9880sonnyphotosWonder if that's the husbans shack at the back of the house, has a chimney, so there is fire, so a lot of time spent in there :-) SWE_9882sonnyphotos

:-) SWE_9885sonnyphotos

SWE_9889sonnyphotoshow nice is this place SWE_9890sonnyphotosloving the details SWE_9891sonnyphotoswould love to have a coffee in here and check out the place, bet you it would be full of wonderful details, character SWE_9894sonnyphotos

Photosonnyhere's a scary pic of me earlier ( so was not going to put this at the top of the post :-)
This is when I had been ski-ing for about 2 hours, I was so cold, I had to rent some ski boots ( not the best ones ) and I could not feel my toes at this stage, and my beard, hahaha, my beard, when I went inside a restaurant to warm my feet up, my beard had big cluster of ice balls stuck in there, so funny, reminds me of this shot from a few years ago in Austria AustriaSonnyphotoand the comment Bryan Boy wrote, lol SWE_9904sonnyphotosdriving back to Stockholm now.
Wanted to shot you all the snow, and how it is still in all the trees, as it is so cold, it's just frozen to the trees, the leaves, the branches the trunks SWE_9908sonnyphotos

SWE_9912sonnyphotoswishing I had a bath to jump into when I get back to hotel, it's going to have to be a long shower instead.

( or coming home to one of those cute wooden homes, with a home cooked Jacqui meal and one of those claw foot baths set up in front of open fire, nice, next time :-)


Quick Dinner ( late lunch ) with Olof

SWE_9860sonnyphotosI'm such a bad friend today, my Swedish friend, Olof, from Scandinavian Press Room, yesterday organised for me to go with him and his partner on a boat cruise to go and see some of the archipelago, boat leaves at 12, no problem I told him, all I have to do is pick up hire car before as they close at 1pm, so will get it at 11 and be ready at hotel at 11:30. Fast forward to next day 11:10 when I'm busy getting an edit of photos ready for MFF when I see the time, major freak out, so call Olof, race out the door to walk to central and ge the car, needles to say, even though Olof managed to get the captani to hold the boat for 5 min, I was 2 mintutes too late, damn, and turns out there was a really good lunch on board as well.
Anyway we meet up after for a drink, late lunch, dinner for me, as I ended up running around trying to find a battery for my transmitter and a cable. And I still need to take some shots of the exhibition, here's the shot of Zuzanna wearing Dolce, at the elevators , love the colours SWE_9861sonnyphotosopening photo in the restaurant SWE_9862sonnyphotosit's a bit crazy busy in here, totally booked out and I'm not getting the right angle with the reflections of the red lights, ok, so will do it in the morning instead when the main lights are not set on moody :-) SWE_9863sonnyphotosBerns hotel, does not look like much from here, but so centraly located and so so nice inside SWE_9864sonnyphotosbetter view SWE_9865sonnyphotosand right across the parl/road, Olof shows me this palace,story is , some lady built it years ago ( I'd say more 150 ) and started collecting things, clothes, furniture etc... so it;s like an antique museum now, left the way she left it all these years ago, but we are not going to check it out now ( and strange I never saw this before and it is just across the road ) SWE_9866sonnyphotosOlof takes me to Cafe Riche, and he knows everyone here, so even though it is busy we get a table and I have traditional Swedish meatballs ( yes Jacqui, way better than those ones we had in Sydney last time :-) SWE_9867sonnyphotosThen after dinner back to my hotel, it's only just after 6 pm, but I'm off to bed, getting up super early tomorrow.


January 26, 2013

Photo Exhibition at Berns Salonger Hotel

IMG_1647sonnyphotosWhen I arrive at Berns hotel, there's already a big box waiting for me, can;t tell but box is 1 meter by a meter and a half IMG_1648sonnyphotosnice big poster prints mounted on 10mm polyboard inside the box. Now trying to work out which photo to put where, 10 of these photos will be hung inside the main restaurant which is a beautiful old room with massive chandeliers IMG_1649sonnyphotosyou can see the room in the mirror a little, but yeah, crappy phome cam photos, was too busy to gt camera from room, as we were on a time limit to set up the photos before lunch service starts, all good :-) IMG_1651sonnyphotosFirst photo is up, thanks to the fast help of Omar the hotel maintenance guy IMG_1652sonnyphotosright on queu jus as we finish putting up the 10 photos, another 10 prints arrive for inside the lobby and reception area of Berns Hotel IMG_1653sonnyphotoswoauw, this print turned out so well, thanks to Andreas from Stockholm's pro center printing IMG_1654sonnyphotosBig print, little man in mirror :-) IMG_1657sonnyphotosZuzanna wearing Dolce near the elevators IMG_1655sonnyphotosOne isde of the restaurant, will come back later and take some real photos

Helsinki > Stockholm

IMG_1635sonnyphotosboarding plane on sunset ( note tarmac usual black is frosted over white ) IMG_1636sonnyphotosDon;t think I saw any other airline's planes IMG_1637sonnyphotostwilight take off IMG_1639sonnyphotosbye Finland IMG_1642sonnyphotosHello Sweden IMG_1646sonnyphotosFlying over Stockholm to land at Arlanda

January 25, 2013

Brussels > Stockholm ( via Helsinki ) Stockholm here I come :-)

SWE_9820sonnyphotosNot quite the same as the series of photos I took in Adelaide airport of these lines, but still, I like this graphic SWE_9824sonnyphotosTaxing in the snow to go to snow, Stockholm here I come :-) SWE_9825sonnyphotosBelgium winter landscape, west of Antwerp SWE_9827sonnyphotosThe mighty Schelde River heading to the north sea SWE_9830sonnyphotosand then the Oosterschelde in Holland SWE_9831sonnyphotosRotterdam's massive port SWE_9835sonnyphotosRotterdam at the bottom and Den Haag at the top SWE_9837sonnyphotosDen Haag SWE_9839sonnyphotosSchiphol, Amsterdam's airport SWE_9842sonnyphotosunder the rainbow circle, amsterdam SWE_9843sonnyphotosno idea where I am now, Germany, Denmark ? SWE_9844sonnyphotosSweden SWE_9848sonnyphotosFinland SWE_9849sonnyphotos
Full moon soon SWE_9851sonnyphotosapproaching Helsinki SWE_9852sonnyphotosFinnair HQ SWE_9854sonnyphotos



February 04, 2012

Stockholm > Brussel

CLD_4363SonnyphotosLeaving Stockholm via Bromma airport CLD_4366Sonnyphotosmy plane CLD_4372Sonnyphotosmy view CLD_4375Sonnyphotos
CLD_4380SonnyphotosBromma Airport CLD_4382SonnyphotosStockholm CLD_4385SonnyphotosGamla Stan ( a must see in Stockholm ! ) CLD_4388Sonnyphotos
CLD_4392SonnyphotosAntwerp CLD_4394SonnyphotosBattle of Waterloo monument

February 03, 2012

Tiger Of Sweden AW12 Fashion Show Stockholm Backstage