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January 09, 2013

Drinks on the beach at Sunset

HMEL1642Sonnyphotoslove this spot at North Av, looking out across the beach close to sunset, time for a drink HMEL1646Sonnyphotoswarm day, small surf, bubbly time HMEL1649Sonnyphotos

HMEL1653SonnyphotosSo I got JAcqui this double "festival" chair, so we can both sit in it, lke a little lounge, so we set up camp...and drank :-) HMEL1663Sonnyphotos

HMEL1665Sonnyphotosbored local lads ( because of lack of swell ) HMEL1668Sonnyphotosempty glass, time to head home and get another bottle of bubbly out of the fridge HMEL1669Sonnyphotos

November 17, 2012

Last Day in Fiji

HMEL9472sonnya bit of an overcast day, but I'm positive this will turn into a great sunset HMEL9473sonny
Bilo Bar View HMEL9476sonny
Bilo Bar Drinks HMEL9477sonnyyummy HMEL9483sonny
went and sat down on this one for a great view HMEL9484sonnyputting my money on great sunset HMEL9488sonnyI figure this family must have just landed so they arepretty keen on that evening swim, and why not HMEL9494sonnyit's coming HMEL9496sonnyand Jacqui's also waiting for it HMEL9498sonny

loving this gold light HMEL9510sonny

HMEL9516sonnyamazing HMEL9521sonnyspot jacs HMEL9523sonnywas so worth the wait HMEL9527sonny




HMEL9553sonnyimagine this printed big HMEL9571sonny

HMEL9574sonnynice HMEL9583sonnygetting dark now, time for dinner