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June 28, 2013


ok, so I know have 6 days of footage of photos from our surfing trip to the Maldives.
But with no real internet on the boat and instead having to use the limited bandwidth to upload photos for Tommy Hilfiger, it did not leave me with much time to keep this blog updated ( ooops, sorry )

And now it is Paris men's fashion week, finished Milan already.
So my dear friends, I will put Maldives onhold for a second as there are a lot of you fashion fiends out there keen for some boys in clothes, as opposed to pics of me surfing in the Maldives

Chrispagebut I just can't resist putting this pic up Chris Page from MAgic Seaweed took of me surfing, just look at that backdrop !!
Thanks Jonathan for the loan of the fins by the way


June 26, 2013

Tommy Hilfiger SurfShack Gone Surfing

TOM_8122sonnyphotosTommySurfShackSo who are these people, why am I in Portugal and why at such a nice hotel TOM_8127sonnyphotosTommySurfShackWell, these folks, have won a competition from Tommy Hilfiger to go on a surf trip to the Maldives, yep, you heard right, the Maldives. So we meet in Portugal so they can have a surf lesson, fun times TOM_8133sonnyphotosTommySurfShackwe'll be keeping you updated via the Tommy Hilfiger Instagram
TOM_8288sonnyphotosSurfShackTommyThe lucky crew after their first surf session

June 14, 2013

Cloudbreak again for another session, and seasnake as an extra guest

P4260271sonnyphotoswent to surf cloudbreak again ( will post a video soon, once I get around to editing it )but this time just with Kenny, no kids and no girls
And the great thing was there was no crowds like lasttime when there was about 50 guys out. Me, Kenny and 3 hawaiians P4260273sonnyphotosKenny went back to the boat for a rest while I surfed on, and we had an extra guest on board, a poisonous seasnake P4260275sonnyphotosWhile I was out in the water still, I could see some sort of commotion going on, Kenny standing on the seat and getting a broom ( why there was a broom on this small boat beats me ) and scopping it up to get it overboard again P4260277sonnyphotosback in its natural habitat P4260283sonnyphotosthe look on one contented man, his first surf out at Cloudbreak and heading back to the mainland P4260300sonnyphotoslater that night, Kita gets her hands on the camera and takes some photos when we are out at Tomlu's for dinner P4260311sonnyphotos

May 29, 2013

Another Day in Paradise, surfing Cloudbreak !

FIJ_5562Sonnyphotoshow our day starts in Fiji, breakfast, overlooking the coral reef at Yanuca FIJ_5564SonnyphotosFast forward 50min car drive and 30 min boat ride, and voila, Cloudbreak in the middle of the ocean, and great waves on offer today. FIJ_5565Sonnyphotos
peeling lefts, frothing, I want to go back again already hehehe FIJ_5566Sonnyphotosview from the boat FIJ_5568Sonnyphotosand we are not the only ones out here FIJ_5575Sonnyphotosafter what seems like only 20 min but was probably an hour and 20 min, I get picked up by India on the jet ski FIJ_5576Sonnyphotosthat's me behind India on my board. Surfing out here is awesome, epic, but for the kids, must be quite boring just bobbing up and down in a small boat. So time to go explore and do some snorkelling FIJ_5580Sonnyphotosstraight into it FIJ_5595Sonnyphotosas is Jacqui FIJ_5612Sonnyphotosthe gang of four, and no one else around except the captain on the boat FIJ_5636Sonnyphotos

FIJ_5659Sonnyphotoslegs FIJ_5667Sonnyphotos

FIJ_5741Sonnyphotoswhazup FIJ_5743Sonnyphotos



FIJ_5816Sonnyphotosmy girl FIJ_5820SonnyphotosThere is nothing better than being with your girl when she's happy, smiling and laughing :-) FIJ_5827Sonnyphotosand doesn't hurt if she's looking hot as well hehehe :-) FIJ_5829Sonnyphotoslove how the water, like space, just dissappears into darkness/nothingness FIJ_5835Sonnyphotoslove this photo of Jacqui, adjusting her goggles FIJ_5843Sonnyphotosview from the water of the surf boat FIJ_5847SonnyphotosIndia out front FIJ_5867SonnyphotosIf I did not tell you this was out in the ocean, you would think, looking at the colour, that it was in a swimming pool, stunning colour FIJ_5873Sonnyphotos


FIJ_5909Sonnyphotosone day, start saving, we will stay on this Island, so no need to commute from the mainland for a surf FIJ_5913SonnyphotosNamotu Island, next to Tavarua Island

April 06, 2013

Surf Sessions at Bilgola Beach

Had some footage on go pro needing to be edited and published, so here's a 2 min clip of 2 sessions at Bilgola beach, one in Jan 2013 and then March. I don't surf that often at Bilgola, but the bank has been fun out there.

January 04, 2013

This is what I did in the afternoon before the end of twentytwelve

No posts for a while, I know, been busy with house things and spending days like this at the beach.
This one I just put up as it is about 4-5 in the afternoon on New Years Eve.


November 24, 2012

After surfing Cloudbreak a swim with the Dolphins, Amazing !!

So we just surfed Cloudbreak, had a snorkel at Namotu, and then just as we starting heading back to the mainland we spot a pod of Dolphins. At first I jump in the water to try and get some footage swimming with them, but they scattered away, although you can see one dive deep as I jump in. But the most amazing part of that was hearing the Dolphins when I played the video, as I did not hear them while I was under water, but the video did ! Amazing

November 06, 2012

Sydney > Nadi ( Fiji )

HMEL8158SonnyphotosOff to Fiji we go and loving this view of Kuringai and the Hawksbury river opening out to the ocean, with the tip of Barrenjoey HMEL8162SonnyphotosGreat shot of the Northern Beaches HMEL8164SonnyphotosIf only I could hover here for a few minutes and pull out my zoom lens :-) HMEL8168Sonnyphotos copyI'd be getting shots of Avalon like this, only sharper HMEL8168Sonnyphotos
great with the central coast at the top, fading out as it gets to Newcastle, looks a lot closer this way HMEL8173Sonnyphotoslast shot of Australia :-) HMEL8178Sonnyphotoswas hoping to get some amazing cloud photos like I did when we flew to Fiji in April 2011 but judging by the dirty window, not so sure I will succeed HMEL8181Sonnyphotosplus the glass used on the airbus is different from the glass on Boeing planes, so get this wonky effect HMEL8184Sonnyphotos






HMEL8231Sonnyphotosthis is more like it HMEL8235Sonnyphotos






love love, one for the printer :-) HMEL8277Sonnyphotos


might have to print this one for Kenny's living room HMEL8305Sonnyphotos

or this HMEL8308Sonnyphotos


HMEL8322Sonnyphotoslook at the colour of that water !! Getting close now :-) HMEL8330Sonnyphotosand yes, there's the big reef, I recognise that reef straight away HMEL8333Sonnyphotosbeen to those reefs a couple of times now, and would love to be this another trip of many more :-) Bula ! HMEL8336Sonnyphotosso first up, we are looking at the back of in famous cloud break, with Tavarua Island and then Namoto and on outer left is the right hander at Wilkes passage HMEL8337Sonnyphotosgetting amped, hoping to get out there in a few days HMEL8342Sonnyphotos

HMEL8349Sonnyphotosleft looking good today HMEL8354Sonnyphotosand planning on getting some snorkel time in as well ( and eat me some mud crab at Tom Lu's ) HMEL8363Sonnyphotosmain land, and what's that, zoom in HMEL8364Sonnyphotoszoom in more HMEL8365Sonnyphotosnice, Bure's on the water, would love to check that out, not quite Tahiti but close HMEL8371Sonnyphotoswould be a nice place to stay maybe, looks a little barren and needs a few more trees, but hey, it's closer to Cloudbreak :-) HMEL8375Sonnyphotosmainland HMEL8376Sonnyphotosabout to land, Bula

October 25, 2012

Uge took a shot this morning that perfectly illustrates why I could not live at Bondi


October 12, 2012

Back in Sydney, straight out on the board, so I made a quick movie of it for a laugh