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August 05, 2012

Swells die down

EUR_7947sonnywhat a difference a day makes, no big walls of water exploding over the rocks today IMG_1059sonnyback at Avalon, there is still a good swell running into the beach and I had a great late arvo session at " Off Rocks ", was pretty cold coming in, like I was not too cold out in the water with my wetsuit on, but as soon as I came in and my feet hit the sand it was freezing, so like how the boys started a fire on the dune at the car park.

August 02, 2012

Waves, Waves and Whales

EUR_7802SonnyThe scene of Newports beached Whale as seen from Bilgola Headland ( see previous post ) EUR_7804SonnyAvalon beach, more like a washing machine and check all the salt spray coming up at Bangally EUR_7805Sonnybig set rolling through underneath me EUR_7807Sonnylooking like it will break into the trees EUR_7810Sonnyand another big wave, rarely see waves breaking here EUR_7815Sonnyrogue bomb way out in the ocean EUR_7819Sonny
awesome EUR_7826Sonny
!!!!! EUR_7830Sonnya lot of energy there EUR_7834SonnyNorth Avalon headland, with Kilcare Heights and Boudi form Central coast in the background EUR_7838SonnyBig clouds on the horizon EUR_7842SonnyWhale beach now, and this is just amazing to watch, these big waves smashing on to the rocks. On a normal day, there would be at least half a dozen Koreans fishing off those rocks EUR_7848SonnyWas just surfing out here a few days ago, but these waves are breaking so much further out to sea, it is quite incredible for me to see EUR_7856Sonny

EUR_7857Sonnyyep, definitely no rock fishing today, would not last very long, if you could even make it out there EUR_7858Sonny

if only you could harness that power, I mean look at it, it's like a few sticks of dynamite have just gone off EUR_7861Sonny







EUR_7901Sonnyevery now and then at Palm Beach a nice little beachie would peel like this, but very shifty EUR_7904Sonny
waves under the "Joey " EUR_7906Sonnycheck this out, couple of guys out at, well, don't know what this spot is called a sI 've never seen people surf out there before, paddling for the wave EUR_7908Sonnybig drop EUR_7909Sonnycheck the size of the wave and the size of the house EUR_7923Sonny
back to Whale Beach for another look at the power EUR_7933Sonny

same spot, but seen from the top as I head home EUR_7938Sonnyawesome

July 18, 2012

This looks cold, great wave, but damn it, that just looks too cold for me


June 10, 2012

A look at that swell ( that's now hitting Fiji as I type this )

AUS_8713sonnybig mounds rolling into Bilgola AUS_8714sonnybreaking waaaaaaay out AUS_8717sonny2 black things caught my eye out in the ocean as I drove past Newport, so I pull over, and it is 2 guys out kitesurfing now check the size of the kite sail and the size of the wave breaking AUS_8720sonnyyou can just make out the surfer, and this is one of the smaller waves AUS_8724sonnyon a reform AUS_8730sonnyon a bigger wave, but check the bombs way out back AUS_8733sonnybus size white wash hitting Bilgola AUS_8741sonnyI wanted to have a better look at what these guys are doing, so I head up to Newport headland AUS_8742sonny


AUS_8749sonnymight not look like much, but from where I am standing that's waves breaking way out from the reef, where I've never seen waves break before AUS_8750sonny





AUS_8765sonnyBilgola AUS_8771sonnyI have never seen a wave break taht far out at Bilgola. Keep in mind that on a low tide, waves break further out, and right now it is high tide AUS_8779sonny

AUS_8783sonnyso want to try out kite surfing AUS_8784sonny

AUS_8800sonnyafter check out a few more beaches, I check out a spot called brown water between collaroy and long reef, doesn't break very often, and am blwon away that no one is out there surfing these lefts AUS_8804sonnywith the headlands of Mona Vale, Newport and Whale beach in the background AUS_8809sonny

AUS_8814sonnyanother surprise, Dee Why point looking very angry and no one out AUS_8816sonnyLong Reef washing machine in the distance AUS_8826sonnynow this spot doesn;t get surfed often, Deadmans at Fairy Bower AUS_8827sonny
AUS_8841sonnywhy we love living north of manly AUS_8843sonnyok, time to go into town for my meeting

June 07, 2012

Big Storm has hit, biggest swell in 5 years

IMG_0925SonnyBefore taking the girls to school we pass by one of our favourite walks, Bangally headland, and it is an incredible sight to see the angry ocean unleash its fury on the rocks below. Then we drive to North Avalon carpark, the wind was so srong, check the video below but turn down your sound as the microphone just picks up the wind ( really noisy ) IMG_0928Sonnythen I check out South Avalon, that's Little Avalon just getting washed out by monster waves, now compare this scene to this post a few days ago when the ocean was like a lake, what a contrast, actually here is a photo of the above spot on that calm day IMG_0876Sonnywhat a contrast, actually, let's put the two side by side FlipI flipped it, click on photo for larger view IMG_0927Sonnymassive waves, breaking so far out a video from the headland, panning across ( noisy from wind ) no one swimming in the pool today, check out the white wash ( more like brown wash today ) just washing over the pool continuously another good view of the total wash out of Avalon beach, so much sand is getting moved around by these monsters, will be interesting to see what we are left with and how sand will be taken off the beach IMG_0930Sonny

June 06, 2012

Avalon Lake !

IMG_0876SonnyDon't thinkI have ever seen it this flat IMG_0877Sonnynot a single wave, not even a ripple, dead flat, like a lake, would be great to do some water ski-ing or wakeboarding. I like how I can now see all the rocks and shape of the sand banks in the water IMG_0878Sonnythe girls never seen it like this either IMG_0881Sonnynice colours later that evening

May 30, 2012

Firing Bawley Point

_AUS8069SonnyAfter Mogo zoo, we stop for lunch at Batemans Bay and then drive further north to take Coco home _AUS8073Sonnybut not without first stopping to check some surf spots. Bawley Point, you can just see the 3 jet ski's and looks like what promises to be an amazing sunset _AUS8076Sonnyand bodyboarder getting shacked ! Check how close to the rocks the waves breaks, and how close we can get to the action _AUS8077Sonnynice, would love to see the view from inside _AUS8078SonnyI'm using my damaged 70-200mm lens ( the two front glass elements fell out and I just popped them back in ) so they are not the sharpest of photos. _AUS8102Sonnyholy cow, check this out, tow in, and drop straight into a little pearlerof a wave, love how he has to do a cutback on the drop to line it up, and then another stall _AUS8144Sonnyhmmm, why have the colours gone all funky on me when I saved this as a gif, anyone ? It's taking away now from a nice looking wave _AUS8166SonnyWhile all that surf action is going on, the skies above are lighting up ! _AUS8170Sonnyjust beautiful, feeling blessed to get such an awesome sky to photograph !! _AUS8163SonnyHoly Cow part II, monster set comes barreliing through, nice wave !! 2 things, A- the size of it B- how it sucks out below sea level and below the line of the rocks. Would not want to wipe out there so close to the rocks ! _AUS8171Sonny
_AUS8175SonnyJust spectacular _AUS8179Sonny

_AUS8186SonnyCoco & the twins _AUS8187Sonnyand a captivated crowd _AUS8188Sonnyalso happy to be snapping this awesome scenery ( the first photo is more of a deer in headlights shot hehehe ) _AUS8192Sonny



_AUS8206Sonnywhat to shoot , the picture perfect waves or firing sky _AUS8207Sonnybit of an afternoon crowd building, it is a great natural viewing platform _AUS8211Sonny




_AUS8241Sonnygetting pretty dark now, so cranked up the ISO for this one, and what a great stand up barrel ! _AUS8242Sonnylove love love this photo _AUS8243Sonnyand this  . . . my favourite , going home after a late arvo session :-)

May 17, 2012

This Saturday Night Tim Bonython's ASMF comes to Palm Beach RSL

so looking forward to it

been hanging to see this, the initial date, a few weeks back, at Palm Beach, was when we were on our road trip in the outback, so we could not make, but due to popular demand, Tim is having another showing so get yourself some tickets ( go to http://www.asmf.net.au ) and see you there for a beer ( there will be a live accoustic set as well, from a new rising star- bonus )

April 04, 2012

Not just a surf movie, a movie about surfing !

Trailer for Jack McCoy latest movie. IMG_0744sonnySaw film maker Jack McCoy at the post office earlier today ( Aloha ) and he told me his movie was extended by a few days at the local cinema at Avalon. So I told him I would pop down later tonight to come see it IMG_0745sonnyAnd I'm glad I did, Jack gaves us a little intro and background information on his movie. ( wouldn't that be nice everytime you go to see a movie you get a little talk before hand from the film maker ) Jack is known for his many surf movies, but this was more a movie about surfing. So if you get the chance to see it , do it, and see how a young hawaiin princess a century or so ago influenced this whole global culture.


April 03, 2012

Quick Head Dip ( blink and you'll miss it )