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October 18, 2009

Dion Lee in Paris

As you know, I'm a fan of Australian designer & relative newcomer, Dion Lee, so when he emailed me to let me know he would be in Paris, I just had to set up a meeting , so I could introduce Diane to Dion , for those of you not familiar, click here for a look back to May for his debut show in a sydney carpark_PRS5351
Sydney it PR girl Holly is in Paris to give Dion a hand, and quickly filling as model, so Miguel and I can take a few snaps

August 20, 2009

Myer Spring Summer Show for 09/10

So last night was Myer's turn at previewing their collection that will be on sale in their stores for the coming summer_BEL3973
Of course Rachael was there_BEL3976
Beth and Vanessa Milde_BEL3979
The awesome Simone Kerr was there, some of you might remember Simone as the model for our great shoot for KAREN mag at Tincity
Aaaah, the shoes as always are painfull_BEL3996 Team Tallulah, hope to see you in New York T.M._BEL4001 cute_BEL4006
One bikini, two bikini, three bikini go ..._BEL4020
Alexandra Agoston rocking_BEL4045
Didn't take that many pics, as it turns out I was not really supposed to be backstage, but hey , what harm could I do. So I just hung back a bit, and well, we sort of already seen most of this collection when it was first shown to us at the fashion week in Sydney back in April, but a nice refresher none the less.
For more pics and a bit more of a story ( becuase I'm such a great writer ) go to the Frockwriter for a bit more

May 12, 2009

Behind the scenes at Sydney Fashion Week Part II

LUNCH ! ! ! Fellow blogger/journalist Paul Hayes has heard my cry of my lack of food, and check this out, how sweet, he brought us all home made sandwiches for lunch, yummy. Thanks PaulIMG_0464
Me shooting Scott shooting Gail Reid ( aka Gail Sorronda ) his shot appeared on his blog and mine on the NewYork times The Moment blogIMG_0476 and while I'm cooped up inside, filling photos etc....Rainbow-1 and it was a complete rainbow, I just did not have the time to run outside and get a complete photoIMG_0480
later that afternoonIMG_0482
wonder what the surf's likeIMG_0516
The Grazia team take a momentIMG_0517
Yes, that's right, how would the man survive fashion week without the support of a woman, tsk tsk, Elvis ?IMG_0518
Glam girl Cat constantly manning the phoneIMG_0521
late at night, still working in the media center, Isaac updates his blog IsaaclikesIMG_0522
and I process my photos ready to file and uploadIMG_0527
on the last day , in the early hours of the evening Jessie from Lesmads does an interview with meIMG_0528
click here if you are interested in watching itIMG_0530
and again, the lovely ( more like burnt) late night room service dinner

May 11, 2009

Behind the scenes at Sydney Fashion Week

Patty getting a free massage in the media centerIMG_0391 and hating having her photo takenIMG_0401 Giving Mak and Olivia a ride back to the main venue after Dion Lee;s show at a carparkIMG_0405 Hannah writing little messages on post it notesIMG_0406
and then sticking them on my backIMG_0409 models in the room for a walk through, and Emma B on the leftIMG_0410 And Janka, have to do a shoot with her sometime soon, but Jac's is at the head of the queIMG_0414 IMG_0417 IMG_0427
Backstage hair instructionsIMG_0428 IMG_0429 IMG_0443 Finally food, about 11 at night, and my first meal for the day, in the hotel room

Bl00dy Equipment

me,slightly worried as I'm having equipment issues, this is 8:32am on the first morning of fashion week, one of my quantums was playing up , so was trying to get a back up and Alex Zotos send me up his spare one form Melbourne, buthe had not used it in ages, so the cells had dried up. so here I am 20 minutes before call time trying to get a spare power pack. stressing, what if they don't have one

Roof Top

The view from the hotel roof I checked myself into during fashion week, this shot was taken on the night I checked in , and Iwas so busy, that I did not get the chance to see this again   :-()

Cassette Society

Hannah _SYD9392 _SYD9396 _SYD9402
Has to be Janka
_SYD9408 _SYD9422
Vanessa Milde, come a long way since I did that test with her back in Whale beach a few years back_SYD9430 _SYD9433 _SYD9435 _SYD9438 _SYD9441 _SYD9450 _SYD9457 _SYD9461 _SYD9470 _SYD9475 _SYD9478 _SYD9481 _SYD9489
Hannah, you rock !_SYD9493 _SYD9497 _SYD9503 _SYD9507 _SYD9515 _SYD9519 _SYD9522 _SYD9525 _SYD9536
The duo, lot of excitement backstage at this show, don't know if it coming from the designer, or the fact that it is the last show. Let's just say both

Magdalena Velevska

_SYD9114 _SYD9153 _SYD9164 _SYD9183 _SYD9198 _SYD9207 _SYD9211 _SYD9214 _SYD9222 _SYD9235 _SYD9245 _SYD9249 _SYD9259 _SYD9262 _SYD9273 _SYD9294 _SYD9298 _SYD9300
Good on you Magdalen, this was Magdalena's first show. I met her a few years back when she was working for Nicola Finetti

Anna +Boy

_SYD8846 _SYD8852 _SYD8860 _SYD8875
Look at Steve's form ! :-)
_SYD8888 _SYD8894
Go Stacy, I mean Beth_SYD8895 _SYD8896 _SYD8902 _SYD8922 _SYD8923 _SYD8954
Cassi ( model contestant )_SYD8961 _SYD8992 _SYD8996 _SYD9002 _SYD9015 _SYD9026 _SYD9032 _SYD9037 _SYD9045 _SYD9057 _SYD9068

Anna + Boy beauty

_SYD8506 _SYD8517 _SYD8552 _SYD8559 _SYD8605 _SYD8640
I'm pretty sure this model is part of new Australian Next top model series, Cassi was her name, and check those lips !_SYD8657
Rachel Rutt_SYD8693
Olivia Henderson_SYD8755
Stacy, now with Chic, and aka now as Beth _SYD8787 _SYD8806
Meg_SYD8831 Emma ( ? ) and Amy