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August 31, 2010

Backstage Group Exhibition at QVB

Curated by new young Sydney based production agency six wolves.
On now at the QVB in Sydney, that's the Queen Victoria Building for you non australians and one of the shopping centers to go to as it is in one of the most beautifull buildings in Sydney ( after Strand Arcade )
So check it out, on till the 12th September, first reports in is that it looks great, they printed the photos really big. will post some pictures once someone sends in some shots ( Isaac ? )

May 30, 2010


IMG_6964 Cobra Snake was in town during fashion week, snapping away at all the parties, but he was up early as well to catch the Dion Lee show, so here's me leaving the Opera House ( Mark, I think I only ever seen you at nighttime before and never in sunlight, or did you just arrive on an early flight ? ) IMG_6967 With Dan IMG_4836 Me with Rae Begley from Little Hero at Stolen Girlfriends Club IMG_4933 what I do :-)

May 27, 2010

Sydney Fashion Week round up

Hint A quick look at all the editorial content I provided for Sydney Fashion Week. Starting with my favorite of course , naturally, with a post on Lee Carter's Hintmag. Click link to see all the photos there NYT2 Then we have the great coverage on T-mag which is basically the online magazine from The New York Times, clickity click
Good little blurb on Oyster Magazine's website
Then there are all the photos I did for M.A.C. cosmetics, some of which went live on a M.A.C. facebook page Vine3
And there is the fashion week wrap up report for the Vine
Vine2 including a separate hair style report Vine1 and a make up trend report

May 26, 2010

Akira Isogawa Showroom SS10 Sydney

_AFW3762AkiraSonnyPhotos I still have vivid memories of Akira's last show in Sydney, it closed Sydney Fashion week, and was the best show.
But sadly he has not done a show since, so I took Susie from Style Bubble and Tommy from Jak&Jil to a showroom Akira had set up in Paddington during fashion week _AFW3758AkiraSonnyPhotos
great location he scored with Sherman galleries, he used the space also to have some of pieces from his archives see-ing it was the 15th edition of Australian fashion week _AFW3761AkiraSonnyPhotos Susie, in that hat :-) _AFW3765AkiraSonnyPhotos _AFW3767AkiraSonnyPhotos He a showroom model on hand ( same model he used in Paris who just happend to be in Sydney, very convenient ) _AFW3773AkiraSonnyPhotos _AFW3776AkiraSonnyPhotos
_AFW3780AkiraSonnyPhotos _AFW3786AkiraSonnyPhotos _AFW3798AkiraSonnyPhotos _AFW3803AkiraSonnyPhotos _AFW3809AkiraSonnyPhotos

May 19, 2010

Backstage at Sydney Fashion Week ( aka rafw, but that sounds too close to ralph, or rofl )

So, another busy fashion week behind me, I know I took a while to get all my pics up, but I knew you would have been able to find a lot of runways pics online in the meantime to keep you entertained, knowing that eventually you would get to see my backstage pictures. But yeah, like I said, busy week, but I was not the only one who had a busy week, and took a bit of time blogging it all. I'm talking about my gurl Jacqui of course, who started out the week on a high as she got to borrow one her friends tilt-shift lens, I was not sure what I was going to get Jacqui to do to help me out, some processing or some editing, in the end, armed with Scot's tilt-shift and my F1.2 85mm I rented I just sent her out into the battlefield so to speak. And I'm glad I did, as she did well to document, unlike me, she hates flash, so Jacqui relied solely on the available ambient light, and got some great results.
So go to her blog and check out the results, like from Camila, Lucette, Womens Ready to Wear, Zambesi, Bec&Bridge, Stolen Girlfriends Club, Zimmerman, Flannel, Friedrich Gray, Karla Spetic, Konstantina Mittas, Romance Was Born, Gail Sarronda, Hussy and finally Ksubi.
Not only did she get a good shot of me working, but Jacs she captured lots of photos like this, the real backstage, the making of, the prepping, preening and touching up off the models, where as I will mainly focus on the finished product, Jacqui brings you more like the making off the backstage. Enjoy, and thanks Jacs for agreeing to take some shots ( I'm sure It must have been a hard decision to do so with all the beautiful models running around )

May 15, 2010

Zimmerman SS10-11 Collection


Zambesi SS10-11 Collection

_AFW1402ZambesiSonnyPhotos _AFW1457ZambesiSonnyPhotos _AFW1477ZambesiSonnyPhotos _AFW1483ZambesiSonnyPhotos _AFW1491ZambesiSonnyPhotos
_AFW1513ZambesiSonnyPhotos _AFW1550ZambesiSonnyPhotos
_AFW1604ZambesiSonnyPhotos _AFW1611ZambesiSonnyPhotos _AFW1614ZambesiSonnyPhotos

Therese Rawsthorne SS10-11 Collection


Stolen Girlfriends Club SS10-11 Collection


Seventh Wonderland SS10-11 Collection

_AFW0813SeventWonderlandSonnyPhotos _AFW0819SeventWonderlandSonnyPhotos
_AFW0872SeventWonderlandSonnyPhotos <3 Tiah !