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August 29, 2012

Townsville > Brisbane

EUR_9921sonnyTownsville airport EUR_9927sonnytake off EUR_9931sonnyBelle enjoying it as much as I do EUR_9932sonnyTownsville with Castle Hill and Mount Stuart behind it EUR_9933sonnyAirport, which is as big as it is due to it being pretty much a US Airforce base during WWII EUR_9940sonnyCroc territory, Ross River EUR_9944sonnyBowling Green Bay National Park foothills EUR_9946sonny












EUR_9990sonnyBrisbane EUR_9991sonnyso no photos from fligth to Sydney as it was night time flight and nothing to see IMG_1112sonnyexcept for these two munchkins getting an upgrade to business class, look at that smile :-) IMG_1114sonnyaaaah, the luxury :-)

Last Day in the Far North, driving back to Townsville

EUR_9887sonnysonnyView from our plunge pool at Pool Port Douglas early in the morning, up early as we have a 6 hour drive ahead of us EUR_9894sonnysonnylooking west EUR_9896sonnysonnygoing south, somewhere in between Port Douglas and Cairns EUR_9898sonnysonnya few hours later, after stopping at Innisfail to grab some supplies, we stop at Cardwell again for some lunch. EUR_9900sonnysonnybut this time at dead low tide, so beach does not look as inviting, hmmm, mud crabs ? EUR_9902sonnysonnyHinchinbrook Island National Park EUR_9903sonnysonny

EUR_9906sonnysonnywho doesn't like a palm tree EUR_9911sonnysonnyYasi damage, Ingham EUR_9912sonnysonnyQueenslanders EUR_9914sonnysonnylooks like you would want to hang out here on a lazy sunday afternoon EUR_9917sonnysonnyinteresting, this used to be a hospital EUR_9919sonnysonnyMagnetic Island National Park  just of Townsville, ok, off to the airport. Jacqui is catching up on her posts as well, and plenty of photos to go with her observations. In a nutshell, I do images, and she does words good, so check it out

August 27, 2012

Port Douglas late afternoon light

EUR_9841sonnyIn between the marinas EUR_9843sonny

EUR_9845sonnylet's go fishing EUR_9853sonny

EUR_9855sonnyevening trawling trip EUR_9864sonnyquite time no ? loving the view of the ranges as well EUR_9865sonny

EUR_9870sonnyMt Sorrow, Daintree EUR_9876sonny


Pool Port Douglas

EUR_9806sonnythat's what this place is called where we are staying, and it is called that because . . . . EUR_9809sonnythere are pools everywhere :-) EUR_9814sonnyand exotic tropical flowers EUR_9818sonnywith the Mossman Gorge and Daintre hills in the background EUR_9822sonny


EUR_9830sonnyspot my baby :-) EUR_9833sonnyso nearly each place opens up tp the pool, got to love that EUR_9837sonnyI would recommned this place, if you don;t need a hotel , with the regualr turn down service, and can handle self contained this place is perfect, and more economical than the nearby resort/hotels, and for us a great base to go exploring from. And, friendly people that run it also makes a difference.

August 25, 2012

Sugar Cane Fields bordering Mossman Gorge Rainforest

EUR_9749sonnyThe drive out the rainforest, straight away in sugar cane country EUR_9753sonnySugar cane transportation EUR_9759sonny

tree roots along the Mossman river EUR_9777sonny



Lunch at Silky Oaks, Mossman Gorge

EUR_9739sonnyYum EUR_9740sonnywith a view of the Mossman River flowing past EUR_9744sonny

Mossman Gorge, Daintree, Far North Queensland

EUR_9628sonnynext day and we are out exploring again, this time the rainforest at the world famous Mossman Gorge EUR_9630sonnything about the Mossman Gorge that I did not know, is that, unlike other parks, you can't just drive in , park your car and go for a walk. You have to park well outside the park at, let's call it the base campo, where you pay a fee to get a ride on one of their buses into the park, and then walk around. It is not pricey, however if you can't afford it, you can walk all the way from base camp as well EUR_9631sonnypart of the walk is on a raised platform EUR_9632sonnymassive birds nest plants in the trees, strong trees, as in the wet season, those plants holding all that moisture can weigh up to a tonne EUR_9634sonnyit's really dry at the moment, and has been for a while ( unlike the outback from our april roadtrip ) but stilla lot of moss around EUR_9637sonnyMossman river EUR_9639sonny

EUR_9642sonnyfriendlies along the pathway EUR_9646sonny


EUR_9650sonnyHalf way up the track we get a good view of the peak called Manjal Dimbi, named so by the Kuku Yalanji people, Roughly translated it means, Mountain holding back, as the large humanoid rock represents Kubirri, who came to the aid of the Kuku Yalanji people when they were persecuted by an evil spirit Wurrumbu ( why were they being persecuted by the evil Wurrumbu is what I want to know ) Kubirri holds back the evil spirit who is now confined to The Bluff above Mossman River. Manjal Dimbi has now been anglicised to Mt Demi and Kubirri us known as the "good" shepherd EUR_9654sonny






EUR_9671sonnyloving the shapes at the base of buttress trees EUR_9673sonny




EUR_9704sonnyblown away by how clear and clean the river is EUR_9706sonnythe distinctive bluff above the river that can be seen from miles around, we even see it from our apartment at port douglas EUR_9730sonny


EUR_9735sonnyall this walking is making me hungry

Port Douglas Seafood restaurants

IMG_1068sonnyPlenty to choose from in Port Douglas, once you get to the main streets, there are plenty of dining choices. We chose the one that had live mud crabs IMG_1069sonnyEvan..oyster head IMG_1079sonnyIndia looking forward to me getting my main course :-) IMG_1080sonnyand here it is IMG_1081sonnyYum, have not had a good mud crab since Fiji at Tommy Lu's IMG_1088sonny
oh yes, this will be messy, but yummy IMG_1086sonnyJacqui's more modest looking main course :-) IMG_1089sonny:[-) Look at that mess I'm creating IMG_1091sonnyeven the table next to us is checking it out what I'm eating IMG_1092sonnyBelle must be wondering why I am making such a mess of the table with it's crispy white table cloth IMG_1098sonnyIndia gets her tiny share IMG_1102sonnyYou beauty IMG_1104sonnythe aftermath

Good Bye Sailboat Hello Port douglas

EUR_9596sonnyI booked a 3 bedroom apartment at Port Douglas, and in hindsight, glad I did after that little disaster of the boat trip, back to creature comforts, like a real toilet and proper shower :-) EUR_9598sonnyand spacious warm , cosy beds ( with more than just a bedspread as cover :-) EUR_9604sonnyand Jacqui and I have our own bath in our room EUR_9606sonny


EUR_9609sonnywill be a comfy sleep tonight EUR_9613sonnyhas its own water feature and plunge pool ( should have seen the smile on the kids faces when they saw where we were staying, and not that I thought it was possible but it di, their smile became even bigger when they saw we had our own plunge pool ) EUR_9617sonny

EUR_9622sonnyand we have a view of the Daintree national park, now time to find a good seafood meal for dinner, all this time up here and we have not eatern seafood yet :-)

Heading back to the mainland

EUR_9552sonnyOur time on the Great Barrier Reef Fitzroy Island is over and we sail back to Cairns EUR_9554sonnysadly did not get to use one of these EUR_9556sonnynice breeze, but feels like the Captain is milking the time and not putting up the main sail, so instead feels like a long journey back, giving us time to reflect on the past 30 hours, and coming to the conclussion that we feel a little like we have been ripped off, partly to blame by the weather, which is beyond anyone's control ofcourse EUR_9567sonnybye bye Fitzroy Island EUR_9570sonnyabout to sail past False Cape which has been smouldering since we sailed past yesterday EUR_9584sonny


EUR_9593sonnyI head down below to prepare our bags, wish he would have put up the main sail we are going back so slow, and have a little surprise for the kids when we get back